In partnership with Stronghouse Foundation—the first crowdsource housing charity in Southeast Asia—CAZA developed this prototype to provide affordable houses to families in the rural communities of the Philippines. The design offers a highly customizable kit-of-parts that can be easily modified for families of varying sizes or combined into larger public facilities.

Because the prototypes are planned for some of the Philippines’ most impoverished communities, they are designed to be as economical as possible. The kit provides the essential elements for several building types, maximizing economies-of-scale in production and allowing each to be adapted to local needs.

The design specifically address two of the most pressing challenges facing rural communities in the Philippines: the lack of functioning ventilation and sewage systems. Each year, a large number of fatalities in this region are due to cooking fume inhalation and illness from poor sanitation. The design includes the equipment required for water and ventilation systems and the mechanisms for integrating water-lines across units to build community-wide sewage infrastructure.

This prototype will be first implemented in the Camarines Sur Province before being rolled-out across the country.