Delgado Mausoleum

  • LOCATION: Manila, Philippines
  • STATUS: Design Development Phase
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura Del Pino, Ignacio Revenga, Meng Huang, Yifeng Wang, Jin Yuan
We created a space for contemplation and refuge from the intersection of two self-supporting brick parabolic-cones. The cones are tilted at different angles with respect to the ground plane producing a displacement between the base and the apex that looks up to the sky. At the base of the two shifted cones a ring-shaped passage loops around the main space producing an experience of obliqueness that culminates at a double-arch entryway. At the top of the cones, a pair of elliptical skylights offer views of passing clouds through a weightless pair of dancing brick curving planes. Every detail of the building has been designed to echo the language of rounded geometries set in motion by the orbicular force of two titled brick cones.