Venice Biennale 2016


  • LOCATION: Venice, Italy
  • STATUS: Built (2016)
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Jun Deng
  • CLIENT: Robby Kraft

As architects, our daily practice involves the creation of personal geographies through drawing exercises. In this exhibit, we have selected drawings from our book CAZA: 2010-2016 to serve as an interface with the visitor. The visitor enters the room and gazes back at a screen engineered with a camera capturing the movements of the viewer’s face. The twist is that the screen does not project a perfect mirror image but instead a drawing animated by the viewers’ movement. Every facial gesture engenders a physical change in the drawing on the screen so that the visitor sees their face transcribed as a form they don’t recognize yet paradoxically control. Each drawing used as a facial mask was developed during the execution of an architecture project that is currently under construction.