The Cocoon

How can a seaside's natural geometries shape a beachfront retreat?

Southeast Asia
Schematic Design

The Cocoon—a collection of homes and beach-front community spaces on a remote island in Southeast Asia—takes inspiration from the organic forms of shells and palm fronds to create elevated environments that feel rooted in their place.

The retreat includes five zones: beach-side villas, a restaurant and pool club, a beach club and botanical garden, a spa and wedding pavilion, and the Boulevard—a communal street lined with cafes and lounges. The design of the structures in each of these zones takes inspiration from the materials and natural geometries of the seaside surroundings. 


The pod-like villas are carefully attuned to the landscape and geography, fostering a deep sense of connection with the surroundings. Large doorways formed when their thatched cladding peels away from the structure blend interior and exterior space. Systems of arches aligned with the ocean’s prevailing winds provide natural cross ventilation, and locally-crafted bamboo screen walls diffuse the bright tropical light evenly across the homes. 

  • SIZE: 424,905 SQF
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Alden Ching, Kate Sarmiento, Ignacio Revenga, Canqi Mu, Maria Gracia Aranda, Alejandro Martin