Sintala Pavilions

  • LOCATION: Pico del Loro, Philippines
  • STATUS: Schematic Design
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino
  • RENDERING: Nightnurse images, Zurich / New York

Two hours south of Manila, CAZA created a network of public pavilions at Hamilo Coast to house a variety of leisurely events as a way of activating the natural landscape for the residents of this beachside community. Sprinkled throughout the foothills of the Laguna mountains and edge of Papaya Cove, the Sintala Pavilions respond to the environments they are situated within, both in terms of the materials used to build them and the activities each set of structures provide. Constructed with bamboo rods and connected with a steel and concrete framework, the beehive-shaped pavilions are given a naturalistic and organic appearance, while also solidifying their permanence within their respective habitats. In the mountains, the conical pavilions host a variety of solitary exercises, such as yoga and meditation workshops, while the beachfront pavilions are used for larger social gatherings that include a bar, locker rooms, and a communal seating area.