Can a residential complex combine the best qualities of traditional villages and contemporary urban living?

Manila, Philippines
Under construction

Portico combines the best elements of successful cities to create a unique residential district in Manila. As a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly urban landscape, the neighbourhood provides open spaces for a wide range of activities, and it is architecturally diverse. Residents have the possibility of living in towers that offer panoramic views of the Ortigas skyline, or in townhouses clustered around private courtyards. 

The area is car-free. Access is through a system of two-way automobile ramps leading to an underground parking structure connected to the 4 neighbouring roads, making it easy to leave your car and explore the district on foot. A network of 12 courtyards connects the site, each planted and programmed differently to foster a wide range of outdoor lifestyles.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Jessy Yang