• LOCATION: Salvacion, Leyte, Philippines
  • STATUS: Concept Design
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Alex Tseng

The Palo Pavilion was designed with the intention of recreating a highly utilized public facility that was destroyed by Hurricane Haiyan in 2013. This civic arena includes a 50×25-meter gymnasium, equipped with ample public seating, offices, ticket kiosks, storage, bathrooms, lockers, and an elevated stage for public performances and speaking engagements. The Pavilion’s roof, which resembles an animalistic shell, is made up of a network of modular steel and wood beams that are strategically placed in concert with one another to direct drainage and capture storm water. The alternating curvature of the structure’s supporting beams allows for light to permeate the central expanse through a network of curved windows. Simultaneously, these windows look outward toward the landscape, placing the Pavilion in dialogue with its environment and community.