Osmeña Avenue

How can a physical installation evoke the energy and movement of a city?

Cebu, Philippines
Schematic Design

In 2012, CAZA was asked to propose a public art installation for Cebu’s Osmeña Avenue, a major thoroughfare in the city. 

The project was meant to act as a gateway, a landmark that visitors and residents alike would see as a grand welcoming into the city. Our design is inspired by the movement of cars and individuals. The work is made up of several stone-like monoliths that have the words ‘CEBU CITY’ engraved into the ‘material’ using anamorphic perspective. As you get closer to the city and into the old part of town, the repeated text turns into abstracted lines of vibrant colors. 

The physical structure of the project allows people to visually experience this work from different angles. This changing landmark thus becomes a marker of both welcome and farewell for people entering and leaving the city.

  • Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Melissa Bauld, Marc Leverant