North Cinemas

Can cinema spaces still foster collectivity in a disembodied digital age?

Manila, Philippines
Under Construction

We have designed three new cinemas as urban spaces that foster collectivity in our highly-mediated environment. The internet is said to have so many connections that it has no inside. Our cinemas materialize a world of manifold forms and colors that represent an interiority that is beyond our immediate grasp. The act of movie-going is a collective one that promises an opening of ourselves to other worlds. The floors, walls, and ceiling of each of these cinemas visualize different possible kinds of networks: nets, webs, grids and planes fold open the limits of an interior space to suggest passages to unknown regions of our imagination. Depending on specific environmental conditions such as lighting and occupation, the nature of the surface, the perceptibility of the space and the sensation of the crowd changes emphasizing the critical but fragile relation between space and collectivity in the post-digital city.

PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Ignacio Revenga, Yomna Dabat
CLIENT: SM Investments