MX Convention Center

  • LOCATION: Manila, Philippines
  • STATUS: Built (2016)
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Minkyung Song

In 2014, CAZA was tasked with renovating all of the public interior spaces throughout the MX Convention Center in Pasay, Philippines, the largest private venue for conventions in the country. The Center, which in 2015 hosted United States President Barack Obama for the APEC Convention, is a massive 16,060 square-meter complex with a network of interconnected rooms that host a variety of events and gatherings. CAZA’s overall objective was to improve visual coherency and help visitors more easily navigate the building through a carefully crafted system of design decisions. Color was employed to direct visitors both vertically and horizontally, to parking garages and upper-level conference rooms, while also helping punctuate the entrances for the many different conference rooms throughout the facility by highlighting doorways with bold neon colors. CAZA developed an iconic logo of overlaid lines that help direct visitors throughout each floor, and became a design motif for the furniture and design human-scale design elements throughout the Center.