How can built space nurture a city's music industry?

Bogota, Columbia
Concept Design

MUNAM is a hub for Colombia’s burgeoning music industry, an incredibly significant and lucrative business in Bogota.

This project was commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, along with the University of Los Andes. CAZA worked alongside these two groups to design a multifaceted mixed-use building that would centralize all elements of the music industry along one of the most important avenues in Bogota. The structure would house offices, recording studios, variously sized event spaces, and the largest outdoor amphitheater in the city, together with a new commercial center, a restored wetland park, and a structured parking facility.

The architecture and landscape work together to cultivate interchange and connectivity between visitors. The space itself functions as an incubator for creativity by encouraging mixing and crossovers between musicians, users, and editors.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Emmy Juliette Rodriguez, Joem Elias Sanez