Montauk House

How can an old house be remodeled while keeping the structure intact?

Montauk, NY, USA

CAZA was commissioned for the gut renovation and expansion of an existing house built in the early 1990s by a contractor. Redesigned for an NYC surfer family—a couple and their two kids—all the bedrooms were kept where they were, but the kitchen shifted to the central living space to form a social gathering node. A direct view was established between the foyer area and the pool deck, along the north-south axis, thus creating a continuous view from entry to ocean. Along the east-west axis, sectional alterations were made to remove an unused attic, and introduce double-height ceilings with skylights. Finishes were updated to be light and contemporary, radiant flooring installed, and mechanical systems changed as per LEED Platinum standard.

The outdoor area was redesigned to have amphitheater steps connecting the pool and deck, using patented wood with the lowest carbon foorprint.

The pool deck mirrors the indoor dining table. The open kitchen features a casual kitchen bar and island counters.

The house has a variety of spaces to entertain, with a bar pantry and fireplace by the indoor sitting area.

The attic was removed to create a double-height condition with skylights that follows the five bedrooms and 5.5 baths.