Megamall Mixed-Use Complex

How might we create a vertical sanctuary within a horizontal density?

Manila, Philipines
Schematic Design

For this urban complex, CAZA envisioned a lively mixed-use environment that would accommodate luxury condominiums and a three-story commercial center at the base. Informed by the exterior verandas and courtyards, new dramatic sky terraces surmount the building, extending a vertical sanctuary amidst the horizontal density of the Malate district.

Malate is a historic urban core where density increased at a rapid pace. This mixed-use complex replaces an old, mid-century building in disrepair and links a public podium with a series of high-rise residential towers.

The design of the complex takes a layered approach that optimizes the programming while accommodating ground floor uses. Our solution blends public, semipublic, and domestic spaces within a singular identity and poses an elegant architectural solution to the urban pressures of Manila.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Alex Tseng
  • CLIENT: SM Investments