Meridian HQ

How can a new office building help define a burgeoning cosmopolitan district?

Manila, Philippines

Situated along Roxas Boulevard Waterfront Park, Meridian HQ was conceptualized as a multipurpose office and civic space, with public amenities situated below the structure’s rectangular top. The building’s upper level sits atop two spherical domes, creating a visual effect of weightlessness throughout the building. This lightness is also reflected in the use of clear glass tubes that form the exterior of the structure.

With its gardens and lightweight architecture, Meridian HQ is a mini oasis in a burgeoning Manila district. Located just a few blocks away from the Manila Bay, the Mall of Asia, and three of the biggest casinos in the Philippines, our design connects back to the city’s old Downtown quarter and provides a breath of fresh air to this burgeoning cosmopolitan district that will be home to Asia’s largest new entertainment complex.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Shelby Down, Tzu-Yin Wang
  • CLIENT: Istana Development Corporation