Lurin Eco-Industrial Park

How can an eco-industrial park forge a community?

Lurin, Peru
Schematic Design

EIPs are an economic development model based on cooperation to increase productivity, improve resource management, and enhance environmental sustainability. While there are over 300 EIPs in operation worldwide, none exist yet in Peru.

Our design for the Lurin Eco-Industrial Park integrates nearly 400 hectares of industrial areas with a green network of roads and parks that function as a waste-to-energy system to reduce pollution and recycle surplus manufacturing waste. The masterplan develops a series of concentric rings that integrate with the existing topography. Each ring connects to an interlocking chain of bio-based facilities and industrial zones that manage energy, water, waste, and services.

Ultimately, the aim is to let clients be more than just tenants and instead become members of a community that helps Peru grow responsibly and inclusively.

  • SIZE: 400 hectares
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Peter G. Rowe, Gaby San Román, Lucia Simon, Laura del Pino, Siying Han, Magdalena Fronska, Ayrton Lilles