Lio Masterplan

Does deconstructing traditional folk architecture create opportunities for a new architectural identity?

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Design Development

Lio Beach is situated between El Nido Bay and tropical forests on the island of Palawan. The masterplan deconstructs traditional Filipino architectural elements, stitching the built environment into a woven landscape to create a unique resort destination. Designed as a sustainable and car-free neighborhood, the site employs a holistic approach to development. 

The resort focuses on public plazas that are inland extensions of the beach, each offering a different town experience. The smallest, on the western edge, is quieter. A central plaza holds family-focused offerings in terms of lodging and shopping. Finally, the largest one is lively and contains millennial-type spaces. This mixture of areas lets individuals curate their own experiences. Variety, scale, and form allow the masterplan to extend organically and bring in other developers. To this effect, CAZA created a 350-page zoning guidebook to encourage growth.

The masterplan responds to the wind and solar patterns, minimizing energy use and maximizing comfort. By looking at traditional folk architecture in the Philippines, the resort defines a new architectural vernacular and creates a sense of identity for the local community.

  • SIZE: 462,762 SQF
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Alex Tseng, Jessy Yang