La Vega

How can new buildings elevate and integrate into their context?

La Vega, Colombia
Under Construction

Set in the lushly vegetated foothills rising from the Guvalia River, this unique community is an idyllic sanctuary for both mind and body. The architecture emerges from the shifting elevations of the site, integrating the buildings into the terraced hillsides. This approach creates a sense of communion with the setting and offers commanding views out over the valleys. 

Natural materials and an ethos of sustainable living bring guests close to the land. Gardens harvest and recycle water, the buildings cool themselves through passive ventilation, and the community spaces offer tranquil places to appreciate the beauty of the Guvalia Valley.

  • SIZE: 650,000 SQF
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Alden Ching, Gaby San Roman, Ignacio Revenga, Valentina Buratti