La 100

Can a mixed-use complex be both contemporary and contextual? How can a new mixed-use complex evoke the vernacular?

Bogota, Colombia
Concept Design

CAZA’s inaugural project in Colombia, LA 100 is the first multi-modal mixed use project in Bogota.

LA 100 is comprised of a cluster of high-end offices, hotels, and residential buildings. It sits across from the city’s main financial center at 100 St and 7th Avenue, an important thoroughfare in the city. 

Each building is a unique color, playing off Colombia’s long-held tradition of building with vibrantly-pigmented bricks. The backside of each building has a series of terraces that look out towards the mountain range. Throughout this expansive complex of mixed-use towers are a series of parks and public areas that unify the people and activities occupying this fast-changing neighborhood in the city. LA 100 combines architecture and infrastructure, creating greater density and changing the nature of urbanism in Colombia.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino