House of Many Moons

How can a home act as a bridge between earth and sky?

Santa Rosa City, Philippines
Construction Documentation

The House of Many Moons is a meditation on two modes of seeing: telescopic, up to the heavens, and terrascopic, out to the earth.

Comprised of two tall and heavy structures clad in natural stone, this secluded retreat home outside of Metro Manila is the image of a new techno-tribalism. The house’s social spaces are organized around a low-slung pentagon with a courtyard in the middle. The bedrooms pivot around a drum-shaped family room located beneath the courtyard that serves as a cooling chamber. Each bedroom has enclosed patios with moon-shaped oculi which offer distinct views to the skies, while also serving as venting chimneys.

The House sets up a counterpoint to its surrounding lush, tropical landscape through a constellation of carefully manicured gardens. This juxtaposition encapsulates the dualities inherent in the home: to be both present and detached from the shifting geographies of our planet.

  • ARCHITECT OF RECORD: NSI Architecture Planner Consultancy
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Jessy Yang, Demitra Konstantinidis, Minkyung Song, Nutchanun Boontassaro
  • CONSULTANTS: Guy Nordenson, Transsolar, ECCruz Corporation, Punsalan and Associates, Landstyle, WE Design