• LOCATION: Hamilo, Philippines
  • STATUS: Built (2013)
  • ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Archion Architects
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Marc Leverant, Laura del Pino

Our design concept for Hamilo Pavilion was to combine a number of preexisting structural features with a contemporary façade, marrying a subtle space with its extraordinary natural surroundings. The glass enclosure frames panoramic views of Pico de Loro Bay, focusing our sights onto a narrow horizontal band of space. The double-height roof folds over an expansive wooden terrace with a black metal mesh surface, establishing a place to reflect on the dialogue between nature and man-made construction. This 125-square-foot pavilion punctuates a verdant forest without overpowering it. The roof acts both as a source of shade and as an optical lens for its visitors, reflecting the sky and creating an illusion of floating over the water below. The building hosts a range of social events, with multiple points of access demonstrating the structure’s versatility and organic position within the landscape.