Grand Station

  • LOCATION: Manila Philipines
  • STATUS: Concept Design
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino, Jessy Yang, Alex Tseng, Linnea Cook

Situated as an intermediary juncture between the suburbs and the city of northern Manila, the former railway and metro hub Grand Station was reconceived and renewed at the hand of CAZA’s design team.
Through a series of methodical conceptual studies, CAZA completed a design for a mixed-use retail space that unites animated public spaces with varied shopping amenities to manifest a dynamic milieu of user experiences. A sunken open-air garden at the heart of the cubic structure unifies the outdoor public platforms that connect to pedestrian streets and the elevated railway station, creating seamless circulation system. CAZA’s design effectively balances the programmatic activation of lifestyle amenities with attentive respect to the historic station, maintaining the building’s existing structural links with all major railways and asserting the site as a critical nexus within the city.