• LOCATION: Punta de Fuego, Philippines
  • STATUS: Design Development
  • ARCHITECT OF RECORD: RN Ferrer & Associates, Inc.
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino
  • CLIENT: Ferrer Family

The Frame House is located on a steep slope overlooking the South China Sea. The design consists of a compact arrangement of equally sized concrete cubes with one outward-facing aperture. Each cube defines a different room in the house, and frames a specific view of ocean, sky, or garden. The effect is a home that is calculated yet whimsical, with a series of distinct yet interconnected rooms. The architecture enables a playfulness to emerge from a self-similar system. The first-level clusters center around a sunken garden, the second level focuses attention around the pool, and the third orients the viewer out towards the waterfront.