DG Apartment

How can we make the most of modest living spaces?

Makati, Philippines
Under construction

CAZA gut-renovated a modestly-sized 3-bedroom apartment in a tower in the heart of Makati, transforming it into a more open space fit for urban living.

The original layout of the apartment was muddled with unnecessary walls and awkwardly-sized rooms, preventing the inhabitants from living comfortably within the space. Our intervention creates a greater sense of flexibility, flow, and delineation between public and private space.

Movable storage and a sliding pocket door optimize the apartment’s plan. Sliding doors integrated into the apartment’s walls can be arranged to create private space or concealed to extend the entertaining area. Built in storage can fold in and extend out as required.

Two different shades of wooden panels line the floor in a herringbone layout: lighter wood defines public social spaces, while darker wood delineates the apartment’s private quarters. To maximize bedroom space, a network of closets line the walls of the apartment.

  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Valentina Buratti, Loris Di Benedetto
  • CLIENT: Private