DG Apartment

  • LOCATION: Makati, Philippines
  • STATUS: In construction
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Valentina Buratti, Loris Di Benedetto
  • CLIENT: Private

In a tall tower in the heart of Makati, CAZA gut-renovated a modestly sized 3-bedroom apartment overlooking the city. The original layout, muddled with unnecessary walls and awkwardly sized rooms, left little room for the inhabitants to live comfortably within the space. CAZA’s intervention created a greater sense of flexibility, flow, and delineation between public and private space through a number of design techniques and construction decisions. Two different shades of wooden panels lined the floor in a herringbone layout, where the lighter wood defines public social spaces and darker wood delineates the apartment’s private quarters. As a way of caving space, a network of closets lines the walls of the apartment, allowing for ample space in the bedrooms.