Building 6

  • LOCATION: Manila, Philippines
  • STATUS: Design Development
  • TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino
  • CLIENT: SM Investments

Building 6 in Manila, Philippines is a mixed-use building with offices and retail spaces that sits on top of a major bus station. Working through the challenges of serving the variety of needs for each of the building’s tenants, CAZA’s design was inspired by the need to mediate between challenging neighbors. The project site, which straddled Manila’s busiest business district and a wealthy and quiet suburban area, was employed to differentiate public versus private space in the building. CAZA designed a façade system that transforms gradually from an open public grid, to a more private one as it rolls toward towards the back. The public-facing retail spaces and entrances to the bus station face the business district, while the private office spaces atop the structure face the calm suburb.