• LOCATION:Manila, Philippines
  • STATUS:Under Construction
  • PROJECT TEAM:Carlos Arnaiz, Tzu-Yin Wang
  • CLIENT:SM Investments

The Bonifacio Theater Park project reimagines a 2-hectar plot of land centered around a 250-person amphitheater. Located near the city’s densely populated financial district, Fort Bonifacio, the Park is divided into three distinctive parcels of land that house a variety of leisure activities. Bonifacio Theater Park is made accessible through a network of wide orange crosswalks, addressing the densely populated area’s parking constraints. The Theater is topped with a large white disk that rests atop four V-shaped legs at a 30-degree angle, providing shelter to visitors and allowing for technical lighting and AV equipment to work in this outdoor arena. The structure’s minimalist design adds a sleek and central meeting area amidst a carefully landscaped setting.