Bonifacio Theater Park

What could a more vibrant financial district look like?

Manila, Philippines
Under Construction

Located in the densely populated financial district of Fort Bonifacio, the Bonifacio Theater Park reimagines a 2-hectare plot of land and transforms it into a more vibrant public space for the community.

The Park centers around a 250-person amphitheater and is divided into three distinct parcels of land that house a yoga studio, gallery space, coffee shop, and library. The park’s outdoor amphitheater sits below a large white disk that rests at a 30-degree angle atop four V-shaped legs. This provides both shelter to visitors and allows for technical lighting and AV equipment to work in the outdoor arena. The structure’s minimalist design adds a sleek and central meeting area within a carefully landscaped setting.

Landscaping is used as a strategy to turn the Park into two sanctuaries—within the garden, one is separated acoustically and visually from the busy road through a series of hedges and mounds. We used sturdy, low-maintenance plants that establish the optical horizon. Palm and acacia trees add further texture and visual interest. Together, they form a low canopy and a high canopy for the Park.

Due to the modest size of the Park, we needed to Due to the modest size of the Park, we needed to balance the circulation and account for vehicular traffic while ensuring safe pedestrian circulation. A network of wide orange crosswalks address these constraints.

  • PROJECT TEAM:Carlos Arnaiz, Tzu-Yin Wang
  • CLIENT:SM Investments