Baler Hospital

How can you combine two highly specialized facilities under one roof?

Baler, Philippines
Under construction

Baler Hospital—located in a rural area of the Philippines with poor access to comprehensive health services—combines a general hospital and a trauma center into a single facility that serves regional needs and fortifies emergency response capabilities. The hospital’s perimeter portico acts as an iconic edge that allows the different interior functions to be legible from the exterior.

For the project, CAZA developed a specialized structural grid that efficiently accommodates the exacting spatial requirements of both the hospital and trauma center programs. The grid is interspersed with garden courtyards that anchor the hospital’s various departments, maximizing natural lighting and connecting staff and patients with the landscape. A central spine provides efficient circulation between each of the departments.


The 9-meter by 9-meter structural grid supports a range of programs and specialized room layouts, enabling the hospital to adapt as new needs emerge.


A central circulation path organizes the interior program and allows efficient services and supplies deliveries to both the trauma center and hospital zones.

  • SIZE: 196,010.81 SQF
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Libo Li, Jingjun Li, Jin Yuan, Kelvin Tseng