Baguio Apartment Complex

  • LOCATION: Manila, Philippines
  • STATUS: Schematic Design
  • PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino
  • CLIENT: Private

The Baguio Apartment Complex was designed to integrate a luxury residential building into the natural environment of the Baguio Forest without disrupting the area’s heavily wooded landscape of local Benguet pines. Set between two of the country’s most beloved green spaces, the Presidential Mansion and the Baguio Country Club Village, this idyllic plot of land allowed CAZA to design each room to have one of three picturesque vistas: the Mansion, the Golf Course, and the Cordillera Mountains. The main residential spaces of the structure are lifted above the terrain, minimizing deforestation of the area, while referencing the building technique of Ifugao houses, which are indigenous to the area.